Downloading and Using the iPhone App - Editors

We have a brand new version of our TreeRing iPhone App!  Check out this article to see the step-by-step on how to use it:

Downloading and Using the iPhone App - Parents & Students

Editors have an added capability on the app that parents do not. You can add photo folders and upload photos to Editor's Only folders. (Parents can add photos to All Community Shared Folders.)

After you have uploaded a photo select share with the school.

Add the photo to a folder or create a new folder.

Add the folder name and select if it should be an Editors Only folder.

You will see the new folder in your folder list.

Here is a summary of what's new with the iPhone App:

  • Parents and students can create custom pages for the current school year (not previous years) and set them to print ready. The custom pages can have up to 4 photos per page and the background will be white. If they want to edit the pages more than that they will need to edit them on a computer. If they access the pages on their computer they will not be able to continue to edit them on the app.
  • Parents and students can add extra custom pages.
  • Current and previous years' books can be ordered.
  • Purchasing is a shopping cart. Orders can be viewed in the cart on the app. The order can only be cancelled by logging in on a computer.
  • The only method of payment on the app is credit card.
  • Up to 100 photos can be added at one time.






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