Canceling an Order

Sometimes orders are placed in error and need to be canceled. Parents/students and teachers/staff can cancel their orders in their Account Settings. Chief Editors have the capability to cancel orders online as well.

1. Log in and select People/Orders.


2. The orders will be listed under All Orders or Invoice Orders.


3. Select All Orders and find the order which needs to be canceled. Select Cancel in the order line.


4. Are you sure you want to cancel this order? Select OK.


5. Your order has been successfully canceled.


6. If you get this notification you will need to contact TreeRing Customer Support to cancel the order.

Note: Orders over 120 days old cannot be canceled online. We will need to issue a refund check.


7. Orders paid by an invoice will be listed in All Orders as well as in Invoice Orders. You can cancel the order in Invoice Orders if you want.





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