Placing an Order With a Parent Check

Sometimes online ordering is not convenient for parents. You can collect checks at the school and place the orders for the students.

We suggest that you have the parents make their checks payable to TreeRing.  When you collect the checks you can then add the student to the student list and purchase the book for them using the check information.  You will keep the checks with your records as it is not necessary to mail the checks to us.

1. Log in and select People/Orders


2. Add the student to the community and then select the $ sign in their name line to place their order.


The other option is to have the parents make the checks payable to the school or the PTA.  In this case, you will collect the checks and deposit them at the school.  The school or PTA will then need to issue a check to TreeRing.  This check can also be used as an echeck to order the books online for the students. Orders can also be placed with a credit card.

Placing Orders for Multiple-Students

Mailing checks directly to TreeRing is acceptable only if the other payment options do not work.  Please remember that all checks need to be received by us on or before your All Pages Print Ready Date.  Receipt of the checks after your deadline may result in the delay of production and delivery of your yearbooks.

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    Tara Dorn

    Is it possible for a parent to pay by check themselves online? We have a community that pays by check mostly, instead of credit card. Last year it took us so long to input all of their banking information and track down phone numbers to input the checks...some still wanted to create the customized pages so we had to enter them that way. We also wanted each student that ordered to be listed in TreeRing, so that their yearbook had the sticker label with their name/teacher on it to ease delivery for us and keep the orders straight, so we couldn't pay with just one check from the PTO. If the parent could pay by check themselves online, this would be a wonderful addition - time saving and helpful to us as parent volunteers, as well as a bit safer for the customer (keeping their own bank information secure instead of a parent volunteer being in charge of it). Thank you.

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    Hi Tara - Yes, parents can place their own orders and pay with an eCheck. They will need to change the payment method to Check. Here is an article showing parents how to purchase the yearbook.