Changing the Background on Custom Pages

Exclamation_Point.pngMake sure your custom pages will print in your yearbook. Remember to set them to Print Ready when they are done.

Setting Custom Pages to Print Ready

Changing the Background on Custom Pages

If you don't like the background that is showing on your custom pages, just change it! We have lots of backgrounds to choose from!

1. While on the custom pages to edit, click on the Background tab on the lower left side of the page.


2. You can select the Area for the new background (both sides of the page spread or only the left or right sides). And you can select the Type of background you want (border, color, pattern, photo, or template). Click on Change after you have selected the Type.


3. Use the filter box to narrow your background choices. Once you find the background you want, click on it and a green check mark will show it as selected. Click on the green Select button to change the background on your custom pages.


4. After the new background is on the page you can Zoom it or adjust the Visibility. Click on Adjust if you want to change the positioning of the background.






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    Holland Lorang

    How do you change a background on the app?

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    Hi Holland - Currently the background can't be changed on custom pages created on the TreeRing iPhone app. If you want to change the background you will need to log in on your computer and create the custom pages there.