Getting Started: Your TreeRing Homepage

You've activated your account and are now on your TreeRing homepage. Here are all the things you can see and do on your homepage.


1. Top Toolbar:

  • Click on the TreeRing logo or the house to always get back to your homepage.
  • Click on the lightbulb or Need Help? to see some frequently asked questions. This is where you can get more help in our Help Center.
  • Click on your name or the gear icon to get to your Account Settings.
  • Click on the person icon to see notifications and find friends.
  • Use the magnifying glass to search.
  • Click on the circle with the arrow to log out of TreeRing.

2. Viewing:

  • Use the dropdown to select your child and switch between children. This is how you can create different custom pages and purchase a book for more than one child.

3. Yearbook Toolbar:

  • Buy Yearbook - purchase the yearbook for the current school year
  • Add Memories - have your child answer some of our memory questions
  • Sign & Bling - sign another student's yearbook and send some Bling
  • Add Photos - upload photos
  • Edit Book - create your custom pages

4. Custom Page Image:

  • Click on Edit for another way to access your custom pages
  • Click on Buy for another way to purchase your yearbook

5. Status:

  • Buy Yearbook - shows if the book is purchased or not purchased
  • Add Memories - shows how many memories have been answered
  • Bling & Signatures - shows how many bling and signatures have been sent or received
  • Add Photos - shows how many photos you have uploaded
  • Print Ready Personal Pages - shows if your custom pages have been set to print ready or how many days you have left to complete them
  • Print Status - shows you the status of the yearbook

6. View All Years:

  • Click on View All Years to view and order yearbooks from previous years

Scroll down to see the All Around Section:

  • This is where photos and memories from the whole school community will be displayed and will be ever changing. Photos and memories with the privacy setting of Private Only Me will not show in the All Around Section.



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