Photo Editing

Our #1 customer feature request is live! Photo editing is here! Now you can edit photos from your folders or from the yearbook pages!

Edit from a folder:

1. Find the photo in the folder, hover over it, and click on the informational i.


2. Select Edit Photo.


Edit from a page:

1. After adding a photo to a page you can edit it by clicking on it. The editing frame will appear. Select Effects and then Filter.


The editing feature will open in another page. The editing options are:

  • Filters
  • Adjust
  • Selective Blur
  • Focus


1. Filters - Select All to see the different types of filters and select the one you want. Or just click on the desired filter image.


2. Adjust -Select what you want adjusted in your photo.


3. Selective Blur - Select areas to blur on the photo. Adjust the radius and the thickness of the blur.


4. Focus - Blur Radial or Linear areas of the photo.


5. The back arrow will take you back to the editing options. You can zoom the photo and Undo your work. Make sure you save the edits you have made to your photo.


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