Adding a Teacher

It is advisable to add all of the teachers at the school. When teachers are in the TreeRing school community, parents will be able to select their student's teacher when setting up an account.

1. Log in and select Editor Tools.


2. Select People and Teachers & Others.


3. Select Add Teacher.


4. You can upload an entire list of teachers all at once or add them one by one.

Upload Your Teacher Roster

To add one teacher, select Add Individual Teachers.


5. You can add a teacher with or without an email address. Enter a valid email address or select Add Without Email Address. If you add an email address you can choose if you want to send the Invite Email to the teacher. Select Continue.


6. If the teacher and email are not already in the TreeRing system you must create a new user. Enter the first name and last name and select Save.


7. If you did not enter an email address, enter the first name and last name in this box. Select Save. (You still have the option to add an email address if you changed your mind.)


8. You can also add Administrators and other staff members this way. Just change the role for the person you are adding.





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