Missing Buy Option and Unable to Order a Yearbook

When you log into TreeRing and you don't see your child listed to buy the yearbook, it is because your child is currently not associated with the school. You can add your child back to the school or you can add your child to a new school.

Make sure your child(ren) is in the correct school for the correct school year. This is very important so that you order the correct yearbook.

To add your child back to the school community:

1. Log in and select Settings to go to your account profile.


2. Select Kids.


3. You will see that your child does not have a school listed. Select Add New School/Year.


4. Add New School. Select the existing school.


5. Enter the correct details for your student and select Save.


6. You will now see the school and the current school year for your student.


To add your child to a new school community:

 Use this article to add a new school for your child.

TR5 - Adding a New School for Your Child






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