Tools for Promoting the Yearbook

We have lots of tools to help Chief Editors get the word out to the school community to buy the yearbook.

Note: Please be cautious when sharing your school's passcode or link. We recommend only sharing your school's passcode in private twitter, facebook, and/or websites that only your school community can access. This will prevent anyone outside your school from creating an account.

  • Browse Flyers - Download or order printed flyers to distribute to your school community.
  • Online Marketing -
    • Copy Passcode - Your school's passcode will be copied to your clipboard. You can then paste it in an email, school newsletter, etc.
    • Copy Create Account Link - If you are allowing students/parents to create custom pages the link to create an account will be copied to your clipboard. Paste it in an email, school newsletter, etc.
    • Copy Direct Purchase Link - If you are not allowing custom pages the link will take parents directly to the purchasing process. Paste it in an email, school newsletter, etc.
    • Share Invite on Facebook.
    • Share Video - This takes you to the demo on our website. Just copy the website address and share it with your community so they can learn about TreeRing.
    • Tweet Invite on Twitter.
    • Website Ads - Select the ad you want to add to your school website or newsletter. You must save the ad to your computer and you can then insert it on your website or in your newsletter.
  • Send Emails - Send invitation and reminder emails from TreeRing to your school community.

1. Log in and Select Editor Tools.


2.  Select Promote and the marketing option you want to use.

Browse Flyers:


Online Marketing:


Send Emails:


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