Buying a Yearbook for the Current School Year

Here's how to buy a yearbook for the current school year from your existing TreeRing account:

1. Log in and by scrolling you can see all of your children's books.


2. Select Add to Cart for the current yearbook. You can order yearbooks for all of your children at the same time even if they attend different schools.


3. Choose Cover Type. You will only get this option if your school's yearbook will be a softcover with the option to upgrade to a hardcover. Select which cover you want.


4. You will see that the item was added to your cart. Click on the cart or Checkout Now to see your item(s).


5. Review your cart to make sure you are ordering the correct yearbook for the correct child. Select Checkout.


6. The Shipping Address will show that the book will be shipped to the school. Select your payment method, Credit Card, Check, or PayPal. Enter your payment information and select Place Order.

Note:  When using a check for payment make sure you enter the bank's routing number and your checking account number correctly. If incorrect numbers are entered the check will be returned to TreeRing and your order will be canceled.


7. Your order confirmation will show the order number. A receipt will be emailed to you and you can see your order in your account profile.



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  • Avatar
    Maria Jo Radvansky

    i can not log into the page you are showing

  • Avatar

    Hi Maria - I checked your account and it needed to be updated for this school year. You can now log in on your computer and see that you can purchase your children's books.

  • Avatar
    Carol & Jim Wagner

    we can't log on it constantly tells us to download or up date flash player and we have thanks carol wagner

  • Avatar

    Hi Carol - I see that you have submitted a ticket to customer support and I will assist you there.

  • Avatar
    Tricia Berneck

    I’m trying to purchase a year book and keeps telling me to select the information. However I’m not given that option

  • Avatar

    Hi Ryan - Looks like your account needs to get cleaned up before you get the correct ordering options. I will assist you on a ticket.

  • Avatar
    Alisa Tristan

    I can't seem to get to the order page? I am trying to purchase a yearbook for this year for both my children.

  • Avatar

    Hi Alisa - You can now log into your account and see your daughter's book to purchase. You can add your other child to your profile. Select My Profile in the left navigation bar and select My Kids and Kid Settings. Use the Add Kid button in the upper right corner to add your other child.

  • Avatar
    Deborah Jackson

    It keeps telling me I have a general error when trying to purchase my book. Help!

  • Avatar

    Hi Deborah - Please make sure you are logging into your account on your computer using Chrome browser. Or you can place your order using the TreeRing iPhone app. I checked your account and I do not see any errors.

  • Avatar
    Kenneth DuranWear

    I'm as well having trouble adding my address:
    10083 Mission Hills Dr Sacramento, CA. 95829

  • Avatar

    Hi Kenneth - Please follow the instructions in this article. If you continue to have trouble updating your shipping address please let us know.