Viewing Yearbook Details for Previous Years

Yearbook details for previous years are available for you to view on your site.

1. Log in and select Dashboard. Use the filter box to select the school year.

In the Dashboard you can see Books Sold, Dates, Fundraiser, Activity, and Trees Planted for previous years.


2. For Book Details log in, select Yearbooks, and click on the book for the previous year.


3. Select Settings and you will see all of the book details for the previous year.




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    Melissa Campbell

    Our 2017-2018 book was created on the old system. When I click on it I get an error message saying our book was created on the old system. When will we be able to view it?

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    Hi Melissa - We are aware of the issue with viewing previous years' books and are working to fix it. We are hoping this will be done soon!