School Purchasing Books for Every Student

If your school wants to purchase yearbooks for everyone at the school, your account can be set up to accommodate this process.

By turning on this option, all students and teachers listed in your school community will have a yearbook ordered for them.

Follow these steps to see if your school is set up to purchase all books. If your school is not set up, please contact customer support and we can enable this option for you.

1. Log in and select Yearbooks and Edit Yearbook.


2. Select Settings and check in Options to see the status of School Purchasing All Books.


When School Purchasing All Books has been enabled the orders will be included on an invoice. If you delete a user throughout the year, their order will automatically be deducted from the invoice. If you add a user, they will have an order added to the invoice. You will be able to view this invoice under Invoice Orders.

1. Select Editor Tools.


2. Select Orders and Invoice Orders.


Note:  You must make sure that your invoice is correct and paid in full by your All Pages Print Ready Date. Your book will not go to print until the invoice is paid.


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