VIDEO: Managing Your Yearbook Using TreeRing

This series of videos will show you the account management tools for Chief Editors. Each video is only a few minutes in length!

  1. How To Turn On Auto Page Numbers
  2. How To Use The Student Index
  3. How To Use Alternate Pages
  4. How To Assign Yearbook Pages
  5. How To Share Photo Folders With Parents and Students
  6. How To Send Email Updates Using TreeRing
  7. How To Use Your Dashboard
  8. How To Use Your Checklist
  9. How To Add Your Yearbook Team
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  • Avatar
    Daniel Vichitbandha

    Enjoyed the video.  Good job.  Thank you.  Daniel

  • Avatar
    Vicki Peisner

    Is there a way to make already uploaded photo folders accessible by staff editors or do I have to reupload all my pictures?

  • Avatar
    Sharon Kopriva

    I'd also like to know the answer to Vicki's question. I have uploaded photos that I need to share and don't know how to make them shareable now. I didn't realize I was in my own photos and not the shared folders.

  • Avatar
    Aaron Greco

    Hi Sharon (and belatedly Vicki)  You can move your own or other's photos into a shared folder by following these instructions: