Missing Buy Options and Unable to Order a Yearbook

When you log into your account and you don't see the Buy Yearbook options it is because your student is no longer associated with the school/organization. Your school may have accidentally deleted your student.  You can add your student back to the school community.

To add your student back to the school community:

1. Click on your name or the gear icon in the upper right corner. This will take you to your Account Settings.                 2. In your account settings, click on your student's name

3. Under Schools/Orgs located on the right side of the screen, click on Add New and enter your school's passcode.  You may also have the option to restore the school by clicking on the refresh arrow for the previous school. Using the refresh arrow for the previous school will automatically re-add your student to the school's community. 

4. Click on the TreeRing home button in the upper left corner and it will take you back to your homepage. You will then see your student's active account and the option to purchase the yearbook.


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    Michele Atkinson

    I want to personalize the from cover with my son's name. I guess I missed that step when ordering. How can I get this done?