Deleting a Page Spread

1. To delete a spread, hover over the spread you want to delete.  A trash can icon will appear, click on it.

2. It will ask you to confirm you want to delete the selected spread.

3. Once the spread is deleted the spreads after will move up in order.

Please Note: 

  • Portrait Auto Flow pages can only be deleted by turning off the section from the Auto-Portraits settings


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    Tara Appling

    AHHH help!! I have been trying to submit my book for print and I need to delete the blank pages!!

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    Hi Tara - You can only delete page spreads, not single pages. I see that you will be getting assistance directly from us on this issue.

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    Alisha Hodge

    I need help. I'm the Editor on here, I can add pages when I move the pages around but, unable to delete them. I need help deleting the pages.

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    Hi Alisha - You can't delete page spreads because you are a Staff Editor. Only Chief Editors can delete pages. Check out this article to see how a Chief Editor can change your yearbook role: