Copying Images Between Folders

NOTE:  This is an explanation on how to copy between folders.  To see how to move images click here

First, Go to your Photos section.



Next, select the folder you wish to move your photos to, Then click on the Add Photos button.




Select My TreeRing Photos or Shared Photos on TreeRing 




From the drop down, choose the folder that the photos are located in 




Now, select the photo's you wish to add to this new folder, then click select.




Presto! Your images are have now been copied to the new folder! 




One last step, this process will copy the images from one folder to another. This means they still exisit in the original folder. If you wish to delete them from the original folder, please see - How do I delete a photo from a folder?

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  • Avatar
    Stephanie Baumgartner

    When I get to the step, "Select where your photos are", the only choices I'm given is My Computer, Facebook and Flickr, not My TreeRing Photos nor My shared Tree Ring Photos.  Why is that since my photos are in My Tree Ring Folder?

  • Avatar
    Sergio Alvarez

    Hi Stephanie, 

    I I took a look at your account and did not experience this, are you still seeing the same thing? If so, please submit a request ( and a customer support representative will be able to assist you further. 

  • Avatar
    Aaron Greco

    There is now a move feature available if you'd like to move your photos to a new location rather than copy.  Click here to see how to move your photos. (