Moving Your Child/Student to a New School

To add your existing child to a new or second school:

1. Go to your account settings page, by clicking on the settings icon on the top right hand corner of the screen, or clicking on your name

2. Click on the student's name, to switch to their profile page.

3. Under the Schools/Orgs section, click on "Add New"

4. In the next screen, enter the school passcode, then click "Confirm"

5. you should now see the new school listed on your student's profile


To Remove your student from a school:

1. Access your student's profile via your account settings. Then, click on the 2013-01-28_18_33_42-Greenshot_image_editor_-_2013-01-28_17_53_10-Greenshot.png.png Icon next to the school or organization name. This will automatically remove your student from that school

2. Confirm, by clicking on "Remove" in the next window

If your student was accidentally removed from a school, you can re-add them by clicking the "Refresh" icon next to the school's name.

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  • Avatar
    Susan Nell

    How do you remove a student that was accidentally added???????

  • Avatar
    Aaron Greco

    Hi Susan,
    You currently have to submit a request to remove students which you did and they are now removed.  :)