Moving a Photo Someone Else Uploaded Into a Shared Folder

1) Open up the Shared Folder you want to add the photo to
2) Click the green Add Photos button in the upper right corner

3) Select Shared Photos on TreeRing button

4) Select the photo(s) you want to add and press "Select" button 

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    Tina Miller

    Can there be a way to click on the photo itself and direct it to a folder? I have too many photos that have not been put in folders and it takes a long time (and since the photos are smaller they are harder to see). Also, some photos need to go to multiple folders.

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    Sergio Alvarez

    Hi Tina,

    We truly value customer feedback and the feature request forum is one of the main ways we keep track of what our customers want in TreeRing. If this is a feature you would really like to see, I highly suggest posting it to our feature request forum here: