Adding Additional Students to Your Parent Account

1. Log in and click on your name or the gear icon in the upper right corner of the page. This will take you to your Account Settings.

2. Click on Add A Student.

3. Select the school your student attends. If your school is not listed you will need your school's Passcode to proceed. You may select Request Passcode and we will assist you in adding your student to the correct school community.

4. Click on Add Your Student.

5. Enter your student's first and last name. Middle names and Nicknames are optional. Enter the Grade and Teacher (if available). Make sure all information is correct and select OK.

6. Confirm that your student is now on the list. You may add another student at this time (just repeat steps 1-5). If you are finished adding students exit out of this window. 


 7. You will see your recently added student in your Account Settings.

If you have duplicate or incorrect students in your Account Settings, contact customer support and we can remove them for you.




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    Dorothy Summey

    I have two children but only want to purchase one book. How can I customize one book for both children?

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    Hi Dorothy - You will order the book under one child's name but you can create the custom pages to include content for both children. If 2 custom pages are not enough for both children you can add more for $3.99 per page spread.

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    Meagen Hood

    I have ordered two yearbooks (I have two children) but can't figure out how to add a second student so I can customize the second yearbook. I don't have the tabs under "Account Settings" to add a student...

    - - I figured out that my account is a student account under my son's name.  : /  How do I change it to a parent account?  Thank you, Meagen

    Edited by Meagen Hood
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    Hi Meagen - I see that you contacted customer support and your account is all fixed up now!