Searching for Tagged Students

To search for tagged students or for tagged keywords:

1. When editing a page, click on the magnifying glass in the Add Photo tray.

2. Enter the FULL NAME of the student that was tagged.


3. You  can also search for your student using their FULL NAME with the magnifying glass on the top toolbar.


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    Melody Mock

    This does not seem to work for us. My son and daughter both have accounts, and they have been working on their custom pages. They are "friends" on Treering and I have tagged my daughter in some of the photos in my son's folder. She should be able to see her photos by searching for her name (the photos are marked Share with "Friends") - but she can not find them. We have followed the instructions above and searched for her full name but the photos do not appear. She has logged out and back in, and my son has logged out and back in.