Adding Additional Custom Pages and Paying For Them

Exclamation_Point.png Make sure your custom pages will print in your yearbook. Remember to set them to Print Ready when they are done.

Setting Custom Pages to Print Ready

 Adding Additional Custom Pages and Paying For Them

 The first 2 custom pages are FREE but you can add as many as you want! The charge is $.99 per two pages. Follow these easy steps to add and pay for extra custom pages.

1. Log in and select Edit Book.

2. Click on the Add Pages page spread.

3. Select from where you want to add the page.

  • Templates - select this for page templates
  • My Pages - select this if you have created a page and want to use the template of it again
  • Friend Pages - select this if you want to use a friend's page
  • Blank Pages - select this if you want to start with nothing on the pages

4. Now you will see the extra page spread for you to customize. You can add as many pages as you want. When you have completed all of the custom pages set them to Print Ready YES.

5. Take the time to review all of the custom pages making sure they are as you want. Clicking on the arrow on the right side of the page will move you through all the pages to confirm. When all the custom pages have been confirmed select the Confirm & Purchase button.

6. If you have already paid for the yearbook you will only see the total for the extra custom pages. If you have or are purchasing more than one book, the extra custom pages will be included in each book. You will be charged for the extra custom pages for each book. Click on Select Quantities and Continue.

7. You can also purchase a Poster or an Art Block of the custom pages. Select the correct quantity for each and select Continue.

8. Continue through the Purchase screens making sure you select Pay and Finish to complete your order.


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    Meganne Elias

    This was helpful...but since I am buying her extra set of personal pages since she won our sales I have to wait until she has finished personalizing both sets to buy her book? Is there a way for me to purchase it before she works on the pages?

  • Avatar

    Hi Meganne - You can purchase the book at any time. You will be prompted to pay for the extra custom pages when you set the pages to print ready. Just make sure you have purchased the book and set the custom pages to print ready before the deadline! Here is the link to the article which tells you how to purchase the yearbook: