Use Flyers to Promote Your Yearbook to Parents and Students

In the Marketing Toolbox on your TreeRing site, automatic flyers are available for you to use to promote the yearbook to your school community (the backpack express!).  The data for the flyer is automatically populated with your school name, school passcode, deadline date, and price.  You can also order printed flyers which we will print for you.  If the enrollment at your school is 75+ students, your first printed order is free!  We’ll send you one flyer for every student at your school.  And if you want more, they’re just 9 cents each. Shipping is, of course, free.  (Schools under 75 students can order printed flyers at 9 cents each with free shipping.) 

1.  To access the flyers and other marketing information, click on the green Get the Word Out button in your Marketing Toolbox. 

2.  Select Browse Flyers.

3.  Select an option will show you all of the available online flyers.

4.  Once you have selected the flyer you want, click on the green View/Order button.  Please note, the flyers are actually pop-ups.  If the flyer is not viewable go to the settings on your browser and allow pop-ups for the TreeRing site.

5.  Here is the preview of your flyer. If you want to order printed flyers from TreeRing click on the green Order Printed Flyers button. Click on Download PDF to just download the flyer.

6.  Select the quantity of flyers you want printed and click on the green Select Quantities and Continue button.

7.  Enter the shipping address for the flyers and click on the green Select Options and Continue button.

8.  If you are placing your first order (and your school's enrollment is over 75), the total on the Purchase screen will be $0.00 and you will see the discount for the cost of the printing.  If this is a second order you will need to enter payment information to place the order.  After you select Finish you will be provided an order number for your printed flyers.  You will receive your printed flyers within 5-12 business days.


Sometimes the wording on the automatic flyers is not exactly as you want.  If you would like to customize a flyer with your own messaging, check out the templates below for Customizable Flyers.  The templates are created in Word so feel free to edit them to fit your needs!

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    Susan McKenney

    Good afternoon.We are working to minimize our impact on the environment and plan to only send flyers one, maybe 2 times. We'd like to customize your provided flyers in order to accomplish getting all the information to the students and staff in one flyer, but we'd like to take advantage of your offered printing to save money. Is TreeRing open to printing the flyers we customize as our allotted number? We might even give you some ideas for other flyer offerings. ;-) Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.

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    Hi Susan - I have created a ticket in our customer support system and we will assist you there!

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