Reviewing Your Yearbook Before It Goes To Print

There are little details that need to be reviewed before a yearbook goes to print.   

1. First, look at the entire yearbook layout  

Look at all the pages - do you see any white "Image Not Found" boxes?   This is very tricky, because when you click on the actual page, the picture is probably there.   But to be safe, the editor should delete the picture and then add it back in.

2. Click on the cover page and start reviewing each page.

  • On the cover itself, make sure the school name is spelled correctly and it's the right year.
  • Make sure all pictures are visible, and not being covered up by other pictures, graphics or texts,
  • Make sure there aren't any yellow triangles on the page, saying either the pictures or the text is too close to the edges of the page or blurry
  • To be sure the photo will not be cut off, you can turn the grid on the page spread on. If the photo is placed at least two squares from the center of the page, it will print fine.
  • Check for pictures going through the crease of book, through the middle of the page.  See if any students are being cut off.  If not, the picture is fine, but if a student is being sliced in the middle, the picture should probably be moved.

3. Check for random text boxes and photo boxes. Editors may add some, and then forget to delete all of them.  

4. Go back to the Core book, and if you have Alternate Pages, click on the Core Book drop down bar and chose "Alt. Pages".

Ensure the Alternate pages are complete. Be sure to review the pictures, text, graphics, just like the rest of the book.  

MOST IMPORTANT!  Be sure your Alternate Pages are set to PRINT READY!

Once your core book and alternate pages have been reviewed, you can review your students' custom pages. 

5. To do this, go to "People/Orders". Then, click on "Review All Student Pages".  

6. Now you will see a layout of all the custom pages of students who have paid for their yearbook.   Some of their names are in GREEN and some are in RED  Those that are in green have been set to print ready, those that are in red are not.   If you see the pages have been done but aren't set to print ready 'yes', you can do so for the student or parent.

7. Click on the first customized page,  if there are pictures on it, make sure it is print ready.

If you see one that has been started, there are pictures on the page, but it isn't done, you could take a few minutes to finish it and set it to print ready 'yes'. 

In just a few minutes, you can fix the page to something simple, but very nice.

The most common thing left on custom pages is text boxes.
You can click on the boxes and delete them. 

Sometimes pages can't be set to print ready because more than one custom page spread has been created, but is not paid for.  In that case, the parent/student needs to be contacted. You can't delete the second page with out their permission.   If they don't respond in a day or two, either the Editor needs to make the decision to delete the page or not set the custom pages for this student to print ready before the book goes to print.  

Now the yearbook is completely reviewed and ready for print. 

When setting your book to print ready 'yes' you will be asked to flip through the pages once more to confirm all the pages are correct and there are no overseen errors. If you see any issues on a page spread, during the print ready process, you can cancel setting the book to print ready and make the corrections accordingly. Once completed, you can set the yearbook back to print ready 'yes'. 

Before the yearbooks go into production, we will review the core book and students' custom pages once more to ensure there are no obvious errors or inappropriate content. 

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