Moving the Custom Pages Placeholder

Each student who print readies their custom pages will have their pages printed in only their book.  The Custom Pages Placeholder is a spread in your book that designates where these pages will be printed in the book.  You can drag and drop the Custom Pages Placeholder anywhere you'd like, except the first and last page of the book (need a complete two page spread.)

1. Click your mouse on the Custom Pages Placeholder spread.

2. Simply move and drag it to where you want the page to be.

3. Once relocated, the numbers above the page will automatically change.  You can move them as many times as you need to until the moment you set the pages to print ready.

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    Heather Miller

    No. Where is the custom pages placeholder spread??

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    Aaron Greco

    Hi Heather,
    You're in a Chief Editor article. The custom pages placeholder doesn't apply to you. This is where the school's Chief Editor gets to decide where to put the custom pages in the book. Sorry for the confusion.

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    Arlene Garcia

    Can the Chief Editor preview the custom pages that are being created by students or parents?

    ***I just found my answer****

    Edited by Arlene Garcia
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    susan burkepile

    I need to get rid of the custom pages. How do I do that?

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    Hi Susan - The only way to get rid of the custom pages placeholder is to disable the custom pages for the yearbook. Please contact customer support at to make that request.