List of all 121 Fonts in TreeRing

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    Sean Allison

    I choose the Carny theme. The front page says "Welcome to the Show." Is this "Carny" font not available? I want to change what it says, but use the same font.

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    Aaron Greco

    Hi Sean,
    Unfortunately we don't have that font, but we can make a custom graphic for you. Please send an email to with what you'd like it to say.

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    Amy Gullett

    Can you load custom fonts for our book? I really want me kids to use the website to build our book this year instead of InDesign, but it's gonna be a deal-breaker if we can't choose our fonts. Please help!

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    Aaron Greco

    Hi Amy!
    It depends on the fonts you want. Any font we add is available to all of our customers. As long as the font is different enough from ones we currently have and the font will print well and has all of the characters we can add it. Send an email to with the ones you want and we'll review.