Using the Invite & Promote Tab

The invite and promote tab is wonderful.  With it, you can send emails to your parents and teachers that are registered on the TreeRing site, invite them to log in, remind them to buy their yearbook, or create a custom email.

So let’s get started!

1. Log into your account and click “People/Orders”.

2. Click on Invite and Promote.       3.There are several sections to this page, your first option is to select the email type:

Invitation – an email invite to log into the TreeRing site, create custom pages and purchase a yearbook.

Invitation reminder – a reminder to create an account.

Purchase reminder – a reminder to buy a TreeRing Yearbook.

Custom Page Reminder – a reminder to create custom pages for their TreeRing yearbook

Purchase Extension – Good News, the deadline has been extended!

Write Your Own – You write your own email to send.

All Not Yet Invited – if you add students/parents/teachers and want to let them know they are invited.

All Not Yet Activated - People that have been invited, but have not activated their account

All Not Yet Purchased - Anyone who has not purchased their yearbook

All Not Print Ready - People that haven’t set pages to Print Ready

All Parents - All parents that have email addresses in TreeRing

All Teachers - All Teachers that have accounts in TreeRing

All Students - All Students that have accounts in TreeRing

All School - All teachers and students

Custom - You chose who will receive an email

4.  To send an email, select the parents you want to send it to, chose which email you would like to send and click on compose.

5.    Compose the letter and hit send.

It's that simple!

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