Creating Alternate Pages

Creating Alternate Pages ensures that all students will get the same number of pages in their yearbook. If a parent does not create custom pages then alternate pages will be printed in place of the custom pages. Alternate pages are created by the yearbook team. Chief editors and staff editors can create the alternate pages.

1. Log in and select Yearbook and then select #2 Edit Settings.

2. Enable Alternate Pages by changing the status to ON. Close out of Settings.

3. You will now get the option to select Alternate Pages in the dropdown located above the Print Ready button.

4. Create the pages to fit in with the yearbook. Collage pages or autograph pages work well for Alternate Pages.

When you are done with the pages you MUST set them to Print Ready YES. If you do not set the Alternate Pages to Print Ready they will not print in the yearbooks.


 5. Confirm These Pages are Ready to Print.


6. Print status is confirmed.



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