Changing the Page Layout In Portrait Auto Flow

You can change the number of pictures on a spread, change the location of the names of the students (under the pictures or on the side of the page), or if the names are going to be Last name First - all by clicking the Layout button.  

1.   Start by opening up the Auto-Portraits.

2.   Click on the layout gear next to the class you are working on.

3.   If you have a class that is laid out exactly the way you want it to be, you can   click "Copy Settings From" and chose the class and it will copy.

4.  If you want all your pictures small and on one side of the page, make the photos per spread a high number.   If you want larger pictures, make the number lower.

5.  For the teachers name, chose the font, and chose the size you want the name to be, also chose where you want the name to be.   If you don't want the name to appear on the page, click the cell OFF.

6.  Then, where do you want the student names?  Under the pictures or to the right or left of the page?  Some things to consider, if your students have long or hyphenated names, you might consider putting the names on the side of the page.  If they are too long, part of the name might disappear under the picture below.  For the student names, do you want first name first?  Do you want Amanda Smith or Smith, Amanda?  Last, do you want a frame around the picture?  Do you want them oval, or square?  You can create a unique look for every class if you want!

7.  Finally, if this is the look you want for every class, click "Copy These Settings To All Sections" and all your classes will be adjusted to these settings.


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