Signatures and Bling

Signatures and Bling can be shared with others in the school community. The Signatures feature is where you can "sign" your friend's yearbook with a personal message. Bling are clever, full color badges that contain expressions of friendship and humor.   

1. Log in and select #3 Sign & Bling.


2. To request a Signature or Bling, select Request and to send a Signature or Bling, select Send.


Request a Signature or Bling - Use the dropdown to filter the people search. Select Everyone, All Teachers, All Admins/Other, All Students, or Grade. Select the person for your request and select Send. The person will receive the request in an email notification.


Send a Signature or Bling - Select Choose Bling or Choose Signature.

Send a Signature
1. Select the person you wish to send a signature and select Next.


2. Write a message and add a photo (if you wish) to your signature, select Sign Yearbook and the signature will be sent to the person. It will be added to their memories so they can add it to their custom pages if they wish.


Send Bling
1. Select the person you wish to send Bling and select Next.


2. Choose the Bling and click on Select.

3. Preview the Bling and click Send. It will be added to their memories so they can add it to their custom pages if they wish.


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  • Avatar
    Cherish Chamberlain

    I am a editor. It does not show up when I log in.

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    Hi Cherish - This option is for parents and students and does not show up in your editor view. Select your children and yourself from the Viewing box located on the upper left side on your homepage. You will then see the Add Memories and Sign & Bling options.

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    Joan Wilson

    Cant figure out how to add friends

  • Avatar

    Hi Joan - Adding friends is no longer an option but you can still select people from the school community to request or send signature and/or bling.