Understanding Friends, Signatures, and Bling

Friends, Signatures, and Bling are a great way to socialize with your school community.  Bling are clever, full color badges that contain expressions of friendship and humor.  The Signatures feature is where you can "sign" your friend's yearbook with a personal message.  Bling and Signatures can be shared with friends and added to custom pages. Here is how to find and add friends on TreeRing:

1. Log in and select the notification icon located by your name in the top toolbar.

2. Select Find Friends and this takes you to the Find Friends page.

3. Use the drop down to filter the search to find your friends. Select Everyone, All Parents, All Teachers, All Admins/Other, All Students, or Grade. Once you find your friend(s), check them and select Add Friends.

NOTE:  If a student/child does not have their own TreeRing account and is included in a parent account, the parent will be the one making the friend requests for their child. Parents must be "friends" with other students if they want to view their custom pages and be able to use them for their child's book.

Someone in the school community can request to add you as a friend. When they do, a notification will be sent to you.

1. Log in and you will see the All Notifications box. You can also select the notification icon next to your name in the top toolbar to see who has requested to be friends with you.

2. Either Accept or Ignore the request.


Now that you have friends you can send them Signatures and/or Bling.

1. Select Sign & Bling.

2. To send Signatures and/or Bling to a friend or request Signatures and/or Bling from a friend, select the appropriate button. From this screen you can also Find Friends!

Here's how you send Bling or a Signature to one of your friends.  Select the correct button.

Send a Signature
1. Select the friend you wish to send a signature and select Next.

2. Write a message and add a photo (if you wish) to your signature, select Sign Yearbook and the signature will be sent to your friend.  It will be added to their memories so they can add it to their custom pages if they wish.

Send Bling
1. Select the friend you wish to send Bling and select Next.

2. Choose the Bling and then click on Select.


3. Preview the Bling and if it is what you want to send to your friend click on Send.  It will be added to their memories so they can add it to their custom pages if they wish.

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