Moving Portrait Auto Flow Photos to Different Folders

Sometimes students' portraits are in the wrong class folder or there is an unknown folder which includes many portraits and they need to be moved to the correct class folders. You may also want to copy or move portrait photos to regular photo folders. You can easily move portraits to the correct folders.

1. Log in and select Yearbook.  Select #4 Auto-Portraits to get to Manage Portrait Auto Flow.
2. Select the section title where the photo is located in error.
3. Click on the student's photo and a small green check mark will appear in the lower right corner. If multiple students need to be moved to the same folder, select them all. Once the photo(s) is selected, click on Move Selected located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

4. The Move Photos box will appear so that you can choose the location where the photo(s) should be moved. You can move the photo to a Portrait Section or to Personal or Shared Folders. You can leave a copy of the photo in the current location but when moving portraits to the correct class folder DO NOT check the box.

Note: You may not want the teachers' portraits to be the same size as the students' portraits. In this case you will need to move the teachers' portraits to a personal or shared folder so that you can manually add the portraits to the pages.


5. Select Portrait Sections and then you can Select a Portrait Section. Once you select the correct class folder, click on the green Move button. 6. You will now see the photo(s) in the correct class section.

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    Denise Barnes-Hutchins

    Wow. Thank you. This was very helpful.

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    Aaron Greco


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    Joy Feng

    If I need to reuse some of the portraits in other parts of the yearbook other than the class portraits, what is the best way to do this? Can I just copy and paste?

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    Hi Joy,
    You will need to copy the photos to a shared or personal folder. Just follow the instructions above and in the Move Photos box select the kind of folder in the dropdown.

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    Jessica Johnson

    What if I deleted (to All photos) and now I need it back for a different class? I can't seem to find where it deleted to.

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    Aaron Greco

    Hi Jessica,
    Portraits don't show up in the All Photos. You can un-delete the portrait by clicking the "View Deleted" link in the portrait section you deleted it from and then move it to the section you want. Open a ticket if you have any trouble and we'll get your specifics and help you with it.