Adding a Larger Teacher Photo to Portrait Auto Flow Pages

Teachers' portrait photos will be the same size as the students' photos when using Portrait Auto Flow. You may want the teachers' photos larger in size. To accomplish this you will need to add the photos manually to the pages.

1. Create a folder in Photos and upload all the teachers' portraits from the disk you received from the photographer. Or you can move or copy the teachers' portraits from Portrait Auto Flow to the photo folder.

2. To make room for the larger teacher photo you will need to create a space for it on the page. Click on one of the photos and the cells will turn on for each photo.

3. Turn the cells off where you want the open space for the teacher's photo. When you click the cells off, the photos will shift over one frame.

4. Click on one of the photos again to remove the on/off button in the cells. You now have a space for the teacher's photo. 

5. Select Add a Photo in the editing tray under the page.

6. Find the correct folder and drag the teacher's photo up to the page. Resize the photo to fit the open space. Clicking on the grid tab on the upper right side of the page will make it easier for alignment of the photo. Add a text box if you want to add the teacher's name near her photo.




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