Editing And Removing The Caption In A Photo

You can add a caption to a photo when it is uploaded. When you add that photo to a page in the yearbook it will include the caption. From the page you can edit or remove the caption.

1. Click on the photo to get the editing frame to appear. Select Edit and then Caption.

2. You can edit the Text, Font, Font Size, Alignment, and Color.

3. Turn the Enabled button to OFF if you do not want the caption on the photo.




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    Gina McKenna

    how do you save it once you write it?

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    Aaron Greco

    Hi Gina,
    Once you edit the text and close the window it is saved automatically. Then just make sure the caption is turned on. Make sense? Feel free to give us a call it may be easier to explain live.

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    Jennifer Fuller

    I did all of this and it looks like the captions are on, but when I set print ready all but 2 are gone. I checked and captions are still enabled on them. I decided to set it anyway and check later. When I went back, all but those 2 were reset to disabled and bigger font. I can't get it to save the way I want it.

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    Hi Jennifer - I unlocked your pages since they are not correct. I will contact you through customer support to assist you.

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    Steve Paletti

    I want my students to add captions to the photos in their folders. There appears to be a limit on how many words can be added to a photo caption in the folders. If so, can this be modified?

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    Hi Steve - There is a limit of characters in caption boxes and I'm sorry but it can't be increased.