Deleting a Portrait Auto Flow Page

1.  Portrait Auto Flow pages aren't deleted like other pages in the lay-out.  You can tell which pages are Auto Flowed, because they are highlighted in RED.

2.  To Delete these pages, open the Portrait Auto Flow.  

3.   The pages that have been Auto Flowed on to the page will say ON, those that haven't been flowed on to the page will say OFF.

4.  If you simply want to remove the page from the book temporarily, turn the cell OFF by clicking on it.  You will be asked if you want to remove this page, click OK, then click Close and Update. 

5.  If you want to completely delete the portrait section from the yearbook, click on the small trash bin all the way to the right of the class and then click Close and Update.

6.   Portrait Auto Flow will update and you are done!







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