Using the TreeRing Email System

It's easy to email your community within your TreeRing account. Many pre-written emails are available for you to quickly send as reminders. You can also "Write Your Own" emails as well. This gives you the ability to send custom emails updating your community on any changes or instructions. 

Here are the steps to email your community:

1. Log in and select People/Orders.

2. Select Invite & Promote.

This is where you can select and send the emails.

1. Select Email Type - here are the emails you can send:

  • Invitation - this is automatically sent when a student or parent is added to the school community but you can send it again
  • Invitation Reminder - send this when a person has been invited but has not activated their account
  • Purchase Reminder - send this to remind students and parents of the purchasing deadline
  • Custom Pages Reminder - send this to remind students and parents of the deadline to complete their custom pages
  • Purchase Extension - send this if you have extended the purchase or custom pages deadline
  • Write Your Own - use this option to send your school community an email written by you

Once you select the email type, go to Select Who to Send To

2. Select who you would like to receive the email.

  • All Not Yet Invited
  • All Not Yet Activated
  • All Not Yet Purchased
  • All Not Yet Print Ready
  • All Parents
  • All Teachers
  • All Students
  • All School
  • Custom (choose particular people from the community list)

3. Select particular people if only certain ones should receive the email.

4. If you see an envelope under the status section it means that this person has been invited but has not yet set up their account.






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    Bethany Gryfakis

    Where can you see what the standard email messages say?

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    Hi Bethany - You can send the emails directly to yourself to see exactly what the parents will be receiving.