Adding New Photos to Portrait Auto Flow Sections

You may discover that you are missing student or faculty/staff photos in Portrait Auto Flow. These photos can easily be added to the correct section in Portrait Auto Flow and the portrait pages will automatically update to include the new photos.

1. Log in and select Yearbook.

2. Select 4 Auto-Portraits.

3. Click on the section where the photo needs to be added.

4. You will see all of the portraits in the section. Select Add Portraits.

5. Select Where Your Portraits Are:

  • My Computer - Select this if you have not uploaded the photo to TreeRing
  • My TreeRing Photos - Select this if you have uploaded the photo to TreeRing
  • Shared Photos on TreeRing - Select this if someone else has uploaded the photo and it is in a shared folder

6. Once you have selected the photo for this section, enter the name of the person. Select Finish to complete the upload process.

7. The photo will be added to the section and will automatically be sorted in alphabetical order

In this example, the photo added is a teacher. Hover over the photo and click on the informational i to mark the photo as a teacher. Now the portrait will be in the first position on the page.


8. Close the window of the section to go back to Manage Portrait Auto Flow. Select Close & Update.

9. The pages in the yearbook will update. Click on the portrait page spread to see that the photo has been added and sorted accordingly.
















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  • Avatar
    Emily Seltzer

    The parent of a new student provided a full body photo. I've added it to the portraits page and now I want to edit it and zoom in to her face. I can't figure out how to do this from within TreeRing. I searched the help and haven't found my answer yet. Thanks!

  • Avatar

    Hi Emily - You will need to edit the photo before you add it to TreeRing. When you have it cropped the way you want, add it to the Portrait Auto Flow section and remove the full body photo.

  • Avatar
    Emily Seltzer

    Thank you for the follow up. What are the guidelines for the dimensions of the portrait? It would be helpful to be able to make adjustments within TreeRing itself in the future, especially if I don't get it just right the first time.

  • Avatar
    Aaron Greco

    Hi Emily,
    Keep a 4:3 aspect ratio for portrait photos. For example, a height of 800px and width of 600px.
    All other images on the page are easily cropped and re-sized, but we don't currently have a crop feature for portraits yet. We will in the future.

  • Avatar
    Emily Seltzer

    Thanks again for another quick reply! Now off to crop...