Changing the Order of Page Spreads

You can change the order of your pages easily within TreeRing simply by dragging and dropping them into position. 

1. First you will want to select "Yearbook" from the menu. 

2. Move you mouse over the page you wish to move and click and hold the mouse button down to drag it into place. 

3. Keeping the mouse button held down, move the page to desired location. 

4. Release the mouse button and the page will go into place. 

Please note this works on every page except Auto Flow Portraits pages. To adjust the position of these page please see the article linked bellow.

How Do I Re-Arrange Class Order In Portrait Auto Flow?

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    Claudia Seizer

    I'd like to change a spread, for instance my page 35 for 38??

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    Aaron Greco

    You can only change two page spreads by dragging and dropping.
    To move a single page requires you to open the spread and copy the page. Use CTRL-L for left side, or CTRL-R for the right side and then CTRL-X to cut (CTRL-C to copy). Then flip to the new spread and press CTRL-V to paste. If you already have content on the location you need to paste to, then you'll need to paste temporarily on another page. it sounds complicated, but it only takes a couple minutes!

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    Kim Semmens

    Thank you, was wanting to know that also!

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    Thressa Bangs

    My book thinks all my other pages (after the autoflow pages) are part of auto flow and it will not allow me to change the order, however they are not listed in autoflow. How can I change the order of these pages?

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    Aaron Greco

    Hi Thressa,
    I tried out your book and was able to move all pages without a problem.
    I did notice you had two blank pages in a row in your portrait auto flow. I deleted those and replaced them with a regular blank spread so you can move that around if that was the one you were trying to move...
    Let us know if you're still having an issue.