When should I order my yearbook?

Your school should let you know when the yearbook is ready for purchase at the beginning of the school year. You can purchase the yearbook as early in the school year as you would like. Don't forget about our fall discounts during the months of August - November.

You do not need to have your custom pages completed before you place an order for the yearbook. You must purchase the yearbook by the deadline set by the school so that your child will receive it in time for yearbook day.

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    Gigi Valenzuela

    i just finished customizing my son's pages but when i hit the print ready button, it leads me to Purchase. We received a memo that we should just create our pages and NOT purchase since the 5th grade committee are the ones paying for the yearbooks from the graduation funds. I do not want to lose the customized pages. How do I save WITHOUT purchasing?

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    Hi Gigi - The custom pages are saved and when the school orders the books for everyone you will see that your book has been purchased. At that time you can set the custom pages to print ready.