Getting Started for Chief Editors

New to TreeRing? Welcome! Let's get started!

First, make sure your computer is ready to use the TreeRing site! Check out this article on the Minimum Computer Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements to Use TreeRing

Chief Editor Toolbar -

Dashboard - This is your command center and it is important that all of the information is correct

  • Status - Confirm your deadlines are correct and review the Community Notifications & Privacy Settings
  • Org Info - Confirm that the school address and the Lowest Grade and Highest Grade are correct
  • Book Details - Confirm that your yearbook is set up with the correct number of pages and the price is correct
  • Free Books - Check out how you can earn free books for your school
  • Refer a School - This is where you can refer other schools to TreeRing

People/Orders - This is where you can place individual orders and manage your community and orders

  • Students & Parents - add and edit students and parents
  • Teachers & Others - add and edit teachers and other staff/administrators
  • Yearbook Team - add and edit members of your yearbook team
  • Invite & Promote - promote the yearbook with emails to your community
  • All Orders - list of all orders
  • Invoice Orders - list of all invoice orders

Checklist - Outlines your tasks as a Chief Editor

  • Each step is a critical part of completing your yearbook, so make sure that you don’t miss any. It is not required that you check off each box to complete your book.
  • The dates in the checklist are suggested dates, so it’s okay if you’re a day or two late. If you find that the production schedule does not work for you, the All Pages Print Ready date can be changed on the Status tab in the Dashboard.
    How To Use The Checklist - Video

Photos - Uploading photos and keeping them organized

  • Creating photo folders before uploading photos to your TreeRing site will help you locate a specific photo easily as well as give your school community a location for uploading shared photos.
Yearbook - Enter the exciting world of yearbook creation!
  • Confirm Details - Another way to confirm your Book Details are correct
  • Edit Settings - Confirm Custom Pages are enabled or disabled, turn Alternate Pages on or off, turn on or off the capability to Assign Pages to staff editors, turn Auto Page Numbers on or off, learn about and view the Student Index
  • Edit Styling - Select the Theme of your yearbook, set defaults for Photo and Text Styles, and set Page Margins
  • Auto Portraits - Manage Portrait Auto Flow
  • Proof - Order up to 20 free PDF Proofs and 1 free Printed Proof
  • Print Ready - When the book is complete you must set it to Print Ready
    Editing Your Yearbook Video

Placing Bulk Orders -

Click on Buy on your homepage to place a bulk order

The Marketing Toolbox -

In the Marketing Toolbox, located on your homepage, you will find various tools available to help you promote your yearbook to your school community. (These features are available only to Chief Editors.)

Note: Please be cautious when sharing your school's passcode or link. We recommend only sharing your school's passcode in private Twitter, Facebook, and/or websites that only your school community can access. This will prevent anyone outside your school from creating an account.
We have also provided you with automatic flyers that are available to download and print in the Marketing Toolbox. The data for the flyers are automatically populated with your specific school's name, school passcode, deadline date, and price. To access the flyers click on the green Get the Word Out button in your Marketing Toolbox.

The flyers are actually pop-ups. If the flyer is not viewable go to the settings on your browser and allow pop-ups for the TreeRing site. The following link provides help for enabling pop-ups on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari:
The Help Center -
While on your TreeRing site you can click on any of these buttons to get to our Help Center. You will find excellent articles and tutorial videos to help assist you with using tools and specific features on the TreeRing website.

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    Luke Rodgers


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    Luke Rodgers


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    Amy Myers

    I am new to TreeRing and would like some help setting up the pages. I used Josten's in the past and knew the software and TreeRing seems easier, but it is not working with me. Could someone call me or come to my school to show me how to set up the pages of the yearbook?

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    Hi Amy - I see that you have reached out to customer support with your request. I will contact you via your ticket so we can set up a Welcome Call.