Adding Page Spreads

When you start your yearbook for the new school year only a few page spreads will be available to edit. You will need to add more page spreads to your yearbook.

1. Log in and select Yearbook or click on the book image.

2. Scroll to the end of your yearbook pages and click on the page spread with the big, green plus sign.

3. Select the kind of page spread you want to add.

Templates - Use the filter box to find the template(s) you want to use.

Pre-Designed Pages - This is where you will find our pre-designed Year in Review and Best of the Year page spreads.

My Pages - This is where you will find the pages you have created. Filter the selections to find your pages. If you want to add pages from last year's book, filter by the year. You can also find your deleted pages!

Friend Pages - If you are friends with someone in your school community you can select their custom pages. Use the filter box to find the pages.

Blank Page - Adding a blank page will allow you to create the page spread completely from scratch.

4. You can select more than one page spread to be added to your yearbook. The selected pages will be marked with a green check mark. Once you have chosen the spread(s) click on the select button.

Please note that when selecting to add a Blank Page only one blank page spread will be added at a time.

5. The page spread(s) will be added at the end of the book before the last page. Most likely you will want to move the page spread(s) to a different location in your book. Simply drag and drop it where you want it to go.




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