Buying Books For Teachers

To order books for one or multiple Teachers:

-Click on “People/Orders”

-Select the “teachers & Others” Tab

- Click on the “$” icon on the row with the teacher’s name or click the check box on multiple teachers and then click the “Purchase Selected” button in the lower right corner.




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    Catherine Saffel
    Be sure to choose the teacher's email when you do this! Otherwise they won't know they have a book available to start customizing. You'll get the email, not the teacher. If you want an email to go to the teacher: 3) Click on the $ sign located under "Actions"(to the far right of the student/teacher name). (Do Not Click the Check Box!) 4) In the drop down, select the parent/teacher email address. You have to do this one teacher at a time.
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    Hi Catherine - Thanks for the tip! It is nice to take the time to place the orders separately so that the teacher gets the email notifying them that their book has been purchased. They can actually start working on their custom pages before the book is purchased. When the order is placed for them they will then see that the buy yearbook status on their site is "Purchased".