Drawing & Adding Shapes (Like Lines, Rectangles, & Circles)

To add a customizable shape:

1) Click on the Add Graphics tray below the book and then click the "Add Shape" button in the upper right corner of the tray.

2) Choose the shape you'd like to add

3) Click on your shape to choose color, frame etc or grab a corner or top /bottom/left/right side to re-size


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    Dana Blumberg

    I am having an issue with adding a shape (with the square). Sometimes when I add the shape, it lets me change the height and length of the square, but this morning we were adding squares and I couldn't change the size of the square, or make it a rectangle. Can you help me with this?

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    Aaron Greco

    Hi Dana,
    You should be able to re-size by selecting the shape and then clicking and dragging the tiny handle boxes around the outside of the shape selection. If it's not working try signing out of the app and back in and see if that corrects it.