Adding Text To Portrait Auto Flow Pages

When using Portrait Auto Flow the student name is automatically added for each portrait. You may want to add more information on the page. You can do this by adding a text box.

1. Log in and select Yearbook.

2. Click on the portrait page spread where you want to add text. Most likely you will need to create a space on the page for the text. To make room for the text, click on one of the photos. The cells will turn on for each photo. Turn the cells off to move the photos and create a space for the text. When the cells are turned off, the photos will shift over one frame. Turn off the necessary cells to make room for the text. 

3. In the editing tray below the page spread select Add Text.

4. Click Add Text Box and a text box will appear in the middle of the page spread. Click on it and drag it to where you want the text.

5. Type in the text. You can make changes to the font by selecting Style, Effects, and Font.

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