Positioning Student Names on Portrait Auto Flow Pages

With Portrait Auto Flow, the names are automatically flowed onto the pages along with the student pictures - and you get to decide where they will be on the page.  

1.  Open the Portrait Auto Flow.  

2.  Click on Layout.   

3.  Under "Student Name", there is a drop down bar, with Bottom, Top, Outer, Inner.

4.  Once you have chosen where you want the students name, click Save.

5.   Turn the Teacher's cell ON and then turn Close and Update.

6.  Once the class has Auto Flowed onto the page, check the names.  Occaisionally, because of the length of the child's name, it will get 'hidden' by the picture underneath.

7.  In this situation, the best solution is to put the students names on the side of the page.  So, go back into the layout and click OUTER and the names will flow to the outside of the page.  

8.  Once the pages have reflowed, the names will be on the outside of the page.

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