Adding a Photo As a Page Background

Photos can be used as backgrounds for single pages, page spreads, and the cover. The quality of the photo will determine how it will look as a background. If possible, make sure the photo has the following dimensions so you don't get the yellow triangle warning you that the photo may not print well.

One page - photo dimensions of 2850 x 2850
Page spread - photo dimensions of 4902 x 3124

1. Log in and select Yearbook.

2. Select the page spread that needs the background change.

3. Click on the Background tab.

4. You can choose which pages should have the photo as the background: Both, Left, or Right. You have 5 options for the background:  Border, Color, Pattern, Photo, and Template. Select Photo.

5. Select Where Your Photos Are.

6. When you select the photo from your source it will cover the page(s). You can zoom the photo, or fade the photo out by adjusting the Visibility. Move the photo by clicking Adjust.  






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  • Avatar
    Danici Conlon

    How do you change the orientation of the background photo? The image is a landscape scan, but the program is tilting into portrait orientation. I understand the the image will not completely cover the background if it is true to landscape, but that's ok. - Is there a way to adjust this?

  • Avatar
    Aaron Greco

    Hi Danici,
    Looks like we're not handling orientation properly in background. Willg et it fixed. Can you rotate the image outside of TreeRing (e.g. photoshop or similar) and then re-import to TreeRing to solve in the interim?

  • Avatar
    Meganne Elias

    Hi Aaron,

    This year we chose the "instagram" theme...and the kids want to put multiple Polaroid type photos on the front and back cover to maximize the space we have for pictures. If they cover the there any way possible that the Naming sticker that is placed on the back cover be in a removable type rather than the permanent stick? Or do we need to leave a space blank (in looking at our last two books, they seemed to be located in the same spot) for where the sticker will be located.

  • Avatar
    Samantha Mundt

    How are you able to go back when you choose to add a photo as a background? The line of options won't go away..