Re-Assigning an Order

Sometimes a school will purchase books with a bulk order.  These books will be standard yearbooks unless the chief editor re-assigns the yearbooks to particular students.  Re-assigning the books is necessary if the students are creating custom pages.  This process will mark their accounts as paid and will ensure that the student gets a custom book (as long as they set their custom pages to print ready).

1.   From your homepage select "People/Orders"

2.  Then, click on "All Orders" to pull up your order list.

3.  Click on the order number you wish to re-assign

4.  Select the green "Re-assign" button for the order

5.  You will see a list of your students. You can select the quantity of books to be re-assigned for each student.  If the original order was ordered for both hardcover and softcover books, you can choose what type of book you'd like to assign to your students. (Note: At the top of the window you will see how many of each cover type are still available for re-assignment.) Once you've adjusted the quantity of books you wish to re-assign, click on "Re-assign Order" at the bottom of the window

6.  You will now need to confirm that the books are assigned to the correct students. Once confirmed click "OK"

7. Once you click OK your order will be re-assigned

8. You will now see the students' accounts marked as paid

You can also place a bulk order for multiple students if you prefer.  Here's how:

How do I place a bulk order




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