Changing the Font In Portrait Auto Flow

When uploading photos in Portrait Auto Flow, the font is defaulted to Open Sans Condensed. It will be used for the student and faculty/staff names on the yearbook pages. There are more font options so you can choose a different one that works better for you!

1. Log in and select Yearbook.

2. Select 4 Auto-Portraits.

3. Click on the gear icon for the layout of the section you want to change.

4. Now you can change the font of the Title of the page and the font for the Students Name. The size of the fonts cannot be changed for the students name but the different fonts are different sizes. Select the font that works best with the size of your portraits.

5. To make it easier, you can either Copy Settings From a different section or Copy These Settings to ALL Sections.

6. After making your font selection, click Save.

7. Select Close & Update.  

8. The font will be changed on the portrait pages. You can keep changing the fonts until you find one that works the best for you!






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