Using My Free Book Coupon

You can use a free book coupon to order a standard school yearbook or a custom book for a student.

1. Log in and click on the Free Books Earned link.

2. You will be taken to the Free Books section in your Chief Editor Dashboard. Click on the Free Book coupon code and it will copy to your clipboard.

3. To place an order for the standard book, click on Buy on the book image. The warning will remind you that you are ordering a non-custom book. Select Continue.

4. To place an order for a student's book, select People/Orders and find the student in the Students & Parents list. Click on the $ in the student's name line. Select yourself as making the purchase.

5. The quantity should be 1 since you can only use 1 free book coupon at a time.

6. Free books will be printed with your default cover. If you get the option to upgrade to a hardcover it means that your default cover is a softcover.  You can upgrade the free book to a hardcover but you will need to pay $6.95. After you select yes or no click on Select Options and Continue.

7. Paste the coupon code in the box on the Purchase screen. Click on Apply Coupon. 

8. The total price will be $0.00 unless you upgraded the free book to a hardcover or extra custom pages were added to the custom book.  You will need to pay the additional cost at this time to process the order.  Select Finish to complete the order.

Don't worry if you do not get all of your free books ordered before you are ready to set the book to print ready. During the Print Ready process you will be asked if you want to place an order for all of the free books you have available at that time.

Note:  Unused free book coupons will expire if you do not use them within one year of the date they were issued. The coupons will not carry over when you re-sign for the next school year. When your account converts to the new school year you will not see that your coupons are still on your Dashboard. You should keep the emails with the coupon codes or write them down so you can use them the next year. 

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