Copying Last Year's Pages To The Current Yearbook

Sometimes editors want to use pages from previous yearbooks. The pages have been saved and they can be added to the current yearbook.

1.  Log in and select Yearbook.

2.  Click on Add Pages located after the last page in your yearbook.

3.  Click on My Pages.

4.  Using the dropdown menu select the school year or All Years. 

5.  Select the pages you want to add by clicking on them. You can add all of the pages or all of the pages showing by clicking on the option in the lower left corner. Once you have selected the page(s) you want, click on the Select button.

6. Select No, keep all photos/text if you want all the photos and text to be added with the pages. If you just want the pages to be added as templates select Yes, make everything a template.

 The pages you selected will now be included in your yearbook.


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