Moving Photos on Portrait Auto Flow Pages

Portrait photos will flow onto pages in the layout you have selected in Portrait Auto Flow. You may want to add a larger teacher photo, text, graphics, or candid photos. You will need to move the photos to make space on the page for this kind of content.

1. Find the portrait page spread that you want to add content.

2. Click on the page so you can edit.

3. Click on any portrait photo and the On/Off buttons will appear for each photo cell.

4. Turn off the photo cell where you want to make a space and all the photos will shift over to the right.

5. Turn off as many photo cells needed to open up the space. Click on the page and the On/Off buttons will disappear. Now you can add whatever you want to the page!

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    Lisa Jordan

    Once a photo is added to the auto-flow page, I can't move it or manipulate it to customize the layout- it just looks like a mug shot! How do I turn off auto flow for part of the page?

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    Hi Lisa - All auto flowed photos can only be moved on the pages by following the steps in this article. You need to keep turning off the cells to move the photos to create an open space on the pages. Any photos from your photo folders added to auto flow pages are editable just as they are on regular pages.

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    Daniel Lam

    Doesn't work. I have the auto flow portrait on and clicked the photos I wanted to be turned off and the photos didnt move. Nothing changed.

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    Hi Daniel - I apologize it is not working. We will reach out to you via email to assist you.